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Show Me the Way: A documentary exploring the impact mentors have on a young person's life.

POSTED 2/19/10:

Show Me the Way received a very nice review from Washington State University in Vancouver. It was published on the site Educational Media Reviews Online. A highlight: "The personal stories of the students profiled are inspiring, as are the stories of others—including Mayor Villaraisoga—who benefited from student mentoring programs. The tone and style of the film is intentionally motivational and persuasive."

POSTED 1/08/10:

smplposter2010 (50K)

Show Me the Way screened last night at the Santa Monica Library in southern California. Director Sheila Laffey was there to answer questions, along with Editor Tim Kitz. The movie screened along with another of Sheila's films, South Central Farm: Oasis in a Concrete Desert.

This emailed feedback sums up the mood of the evening:

"We were truly touched and inspired. It is incredibly encouraging to see others using film to create awareness and change for the good...job well done! Thank you for such a powerful, wonderful event."

POSTED 6/19/09:

Detroit Windsor International Film FestivalShow Me the Way has been accepted into the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival.

Our screening is on SATURDAY, JUNE 27 @ 9pm at the Wayne State Law School in Detroit.

Visit the festival website for more information.

POSTED 5/24/09:

Show Me the Way Outreach Coordinator, Kim Gazecki, attended a community meeting on Thursday, 5/21, for the Youth PROMISE Act (the "M" stands for MENTORING!). She gave a copy of Show Me the Way to Kim McGill of Youth Justice Coalition / Free L.A. High School. Ms. McGill suggested a screening of Show Me the Way at the Chuco Justice Center, which of course we are thrilled about! Kim also gave a DVD to the incredibly enthusiastic Director of Tutoring & Mentoring for the Communities in Schools of Greater Los Angeles, Joseph Chicas.

Getting Show Me the Way into the hands of people who are dedicated to making a difference in their communities is imperative to our main objective: providing a tool to help spread the word about Mentoring and the invaluable effect it has on our young people! If you know of anyone we should meet, TELL US.
POSTED 5/20/09:

The screening at the Pacific Palisades Film Festival was our first event to have the mentors & mentees featured in Show Me the Way TOGETHER to watch the movie. It was really exciting and, as you can see, everyone had fun and was really happy to be there!

Pacific Palisades Film Festival Photo    Pacific Palisades Film Festival Photo    Pacific Palisades Film Festival Photo
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POSTED 4/20/09:
11:30 am -- Saturday, May 16, 2009
Filmmakers will be there for Q&A following the film
Pacific Palisades Film Festival -- 941 Temescal Canyon Road, Pacific Palisades
TICKETS are $10 each (16 & older) -- $5 each (15 & under)
Purchase tickets at the Event or at: FriendsOfFilm.com

email us anytime at info @ showmethewaymovie.com